About My Self

Well, my name Rismaeka Purnamasari Latjuba, my nick name is Risma.

I am the first child of two sisters, my sister’s name is Najwa Ramadhane Latjuba. My age gap with my sister is 11 years old.

In 1996, I entered Kindergarten Kartika XI-9
In 1998, I entered Elementary School Kartika XI-5
In 2004, I entered Junior High School 98 Jakarta
In 2007, I entered Senior High School 97 Jakarta, Department of Social Sciences
In 2010, I entered Gunadarma University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Accounting

A desire I chose accounting because I think it’s interesting to accounting in the explore deeper, I love the calculations in accounting, how to determine the level of profit of a company, how do I determine the ratio of a company’s finances, how to make a balance sheet.
in my opinion it won’t run out accounting eaten by the time

And then I quite liked the comics, comics collection I sometimes I review it on this blog, can be opened in the category https://rismaeka.wordpress.com/category/resensi-komik/

by the way I have 3 best friends, 1 best friends from elementary school, and two best friends from junior high school
And until now I am constantly looking for new friends to be more open and more friends. In my opinion, that friend is the way to open the future, without our friends, we are nothing, that’s why humans called social creature.

I have an online shop that can be accessed via facebook (http://www.facebook.com/DaemarisHouse) and via Twitter (https://twitter.com/DaemarisHouse) and via blog (http://daemarisacc.wordpress.com/). named Daemaris House.

Daemaris words taken from my name and to my best friends
Da = Maulida
E = Eva
Ma = Risma
Ris = Kris

alright, maybe up to this point first introduction, thank you for opening my blog, and I hope my blog useful for you all who read it 😀


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